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Optimize Your SMS Communications with NorthText

NorthText offers the support and flexibility you need to achieve your SMS marketing goals.

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NorthText SMS Marketing software

A Personal SMS Support Platform from NorthText

When you sign up with NorthText’s innovative SMS marketing platform, you’ll receive immediate assistance setting up your account.

Developers can contact us anytime for concierge support for all things technical.

Check out our FAQ page for more information about SMS text message marketing with the NorthText platform.

For more guidance or advice on how to best take advantage of SMS marketing tools and strategies, browse our expert articles and resources.

API Integration with the Northtext SMS Gateway

NorthText provides an easy-to-use API database of innovative UX tools called “the library”. Our low-cost, one-to-one or mass messaging tools allow you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate our messaging functionality into your workflows
  • Resell our SMS tools as part of a comprehensive marketing solution
  • Streamline your customer communications and online engagement

Learn more about our cutting-edge API integration and support.

Full-Service SMS Support Platform

NorthText provides a comprehensive SMS support platform with white-glove service. Take your text message marketing campaigns to the next level with features like:

  • Text2Pay and Text2Donate - Allow your supporters to send payments conveniently and securely through SMS. 
  • API Integration - Our library of innovative UX tools lets you integrate our text message platform into your workflows.
  • SMS Survey Creation and Reporting - Get instant feedback from your subscribers with SMS surveys.
  • Realtime Dashboard - Stay in touch with your customers with our mobile-optimized dashboard.
  • White-Label Turnkey Service - Seamlessly integrate your branding into custom SMS marketing campaigns.

Our SMS experts are always here to help your organization take advantage of our industry-leading text message marketing tools. 

SMS Campaigns For Every Industry

Every organization can benefit from our innovative text message marketing solutions. NorthText’s feature-rich SMS delivery platform has helped businesses across many industries including:

Read more about how the NorthText SMS marketing platform boosts customer engagement and optimizes communication in our industry case studies.

Affordable SMS Marketing and Support

At NorthText, we have SMS plans to fit every budget. Our pricing is simple and transparent, with no hidden fees or upcharges. If you have questions about your bill, contact our live, U.S.-based customer service team anytime for support.

NorthText is the only SMS delivery platform to offer fixed-price messaging, giving you more control over your marketing budget. Learn more about our affordable SMS plans.