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SMS Promotions for Events & Conferences

Fill more seats and engage your audience with SMS promotions and conference text messaging from NorthText.

SMS Simplifies Event Planning and Audience Engagement

SMS is one of the best channels for engaging with your audience before, during, and after an event or conference. Text messages are fast and convenient, and most people prefer them over any other form of communication. You can use SMS for events to invite attendees and manage RSVPs, send automated reminders, communicate last-minute details, collect feedback, and more.

NorthText provides all the conference text messaging tools and features you need to promote your event and communicate with your audience including:

NorthText SMS Marketing software
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SMS Promotions With Unlimited Keywords

One of the easiest ways to promote your event or conference is through SMS keywords. Create a unique keyword for your event and advertise that keyword on your social media, website, and other marketing channels. Your audience will then text you that keyword to RSVP to your conference and subscribe to your SMS marketing campaign.

How to Use SMS for Events

There are many creative ways to use SMS for events and conferences including:

Automatic Reminders

Schedule an automatic reminder to go out via text to ensure none of your attendees miss the big event.

Polls and Surveys

Incentivize your audience to provide feedback or vote in polls by sharing the results at the event.

Thank You Notes

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Follow up with attendees after the event and thank them for participating.

Did you know your audience is much more likely to respond to polls and surveys if they don’t need to leave their native text messaging app to do so? That’s why NorthText provides an innovative, 100% SMS-based survey tool that allows you to create as many custom questions as you want and receive responses within a single SMS conversation thread.

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Make an Impact With MMS

With NorthText, you can use MMS (multimedia) text messages to send images and videos to your subscribers. This means you can send your contacts a colorful, attention-grabbing event flyer to entice them into an RSVP. You can also follow up with attendees after the event by sharing videos of the most popular panels and speakers.

And the best part is, all of NorthText's affordable SMS pricing plans include MMS with no additional fees or upcharges - it simply counts as two regular text messages.

Get Started Today

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Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

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