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Text to Pay & Mass Texting Services for Churches & Faith Groups

Get your message out to those who need to hear it most.

NorthText’s Mass Texting Service for Churches & Faith Groups

Your congregation wants to hear from you! Using mass texting, you can easily send text messages to all of your subscribers at the same time. You can use NorthText’s mass texting service for churches and faith groups to follow up on prayer requests, share important announcements, and invite members to special events.

SMS (text) messaging has become the most popular method of communication among almost all age groups. Church texting services help you reach your congregation on the device they already have in their hands.

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Creative Ways to Use Mass Texting for Churches

  • Use MMS to send audio or video clips of your sermons to members who are sick or homebound.
  • Share weekly bible passages to keep your congregation inspired between services.
  • Invite members to vote in SMS polls to choose the next bible study topic.
  • Create separate contact lists for members, deacons, and volunteers so your text messages are always relevant.

Text to Pay for Churches Can Simplify the Donation Process

Text2Pay is an innovative feature that allows members to make donations right from their cell phone’s text messaging app. Text2Pay is fast, easy, and secure. Here’s how it works:

A congregant sends a text containing your dedicated Text2Pay keyword and the amount they want to donate.

The system replies with “CONFIRM” and a mobile friendly form without linking to a third-party payment system like PayPal or Venmo.

Your donor receives a text asking for them to confirm payment. A simple “YES” is all they need!

The donation is processed instantly, and both you and your congregant receive a text message confirmation.

Using a mass texting service for churches with NorthText’s convenient Text2Pay feature, you can simplify the donation process for the members of your congregation. Studies have shown that the easier it is for donors to give, the more likely they are to do so and in larger amounts.

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Why Use the Text to Pay for Churches Service With NorthText?

Unlimited Keywords - You can create as many Text2Pay keywords as you want, allowing you to get creative with targeted giving campaigns.

Affordable Pricing - Choose from three affordable pricing tiers or request a custom quote for a fixed price or volume discount plan.

World-Class Support - Our phones are manned by a live team of U.S.-based text messaging experts.

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