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Affordable Autoresponder Marketing System & Services

Jumpstart your text marketing campaign and boost customer engagement with SMS autoresponders.

Autoresponder for Text Messages


A smiling woman celebrates after using her smartphone to engage with an autoresponder marketing campaign.An SMS autoresponder will automatically send a text message in response to a keyword allowing you to engage with more customers in less time. You can use your text message autoresponder to:

  • Provide opt-in and opt-out information keeping your SMS communications legally compliant
  • Respond to SMS keywords with targeted marketing
  • Send post-checkout surveys to customers
  • Offer automated customer service solutions via SMS

With NorthText’s unlimited autoresponder marketing service, the sky's the limit.

NorthText SMS Marketing software


Autoresponder Marketing System


A group of different people holding different cell phones to text in SMS keywords.The NorthText autoresponder marketing system empowers you to create unlimited SMS keywords and unlimited SMS autoresponders. You can even use our autoresponders to help automatically segment your audience into as many subscriber lists as you need with industry-leading targeted marketing capabilities.

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Making Autoresponder Marketing More Affordable


Price is one of the biggest reasons companies cite for not adding SMS messaging to their marketing strategy. Here at NorthText, we believe in making autoresponder text marketing more affordable for every organization. That’s why we offer multiple pricing tiers and SMS marketing plans, flat-rate messaging for more budget-conscious businesses, and volume discounts so your text message marketing capabilities can grow with your company.

We also guarantee that you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees or upcharges. Our pricing is open and transparent, and our live support team is always available to answer any billing questions you may have.

SMS Autoresponder Marketing Strategies


NorthText’s SMS marketing platform provides many features to enhance your autoresponder marketing strategies including:

Text2Pay - Customers can make secure payments through SMS Text2Pay, and you can use autoresponders to send order confirmations and shipping updates.

Campaign Scheduling - You can schedule your SMS autoresponders to go out at certain times or on special occasions like holidays or anniversaries.

Autoresponder Branding & Personalization - You can use templates or customize your SMS autoresponders with your organization’s branding and messaging.

White-Glove Autoresponder Marketing Support


 A smiling customer support representative.Need help getting started with SMS autoresponder marketing? Every NorthText account receives white-glove setup assistance from our live, U.S.-based support team. Our SMS marketing experts are available by call or text to help you make the most of our innovative text messaging platform. 

Autoresponder Marketing System: Getting Started

NorthText makes SMS autoresponder for text message marketing easier and more affordable than ever before. What are you waiting for? Contact us online or call or text us anytime at (312) 869-9070 to get started.

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

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