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Integrated Email/SMS Services & Marketing Platform

Combine email and SMS to increase customer engagement and boost your marketing efforts.

Integrated Email/SMS Services & Marketing Platform


A smiling young marketing professional uses email and sms services on her smartphone.Though email is a tried-and-true tool in any marketer’s toolbox, SMS marketing is catching up as one of the most effective ways to engage with customers. That doesn’t mean SMS should replace email as your primary marketing strategy, though. Rather, SMS is the perfect complement to your email marketing campaigns.

Email is still your best channel for long-form communications like newsletters and press releases. On the other hand, SMS is perfect for quick, attention-grabbing alerts and time-sensitive events.

Using NorthText’s API integrated email and SMS marketing platform, you have access to a powerful combination of tools to deliver targeted, personalized messaging in multiple forms to provide the best customer experience.

NorthText SMS Marketing software


Better Communication and Customer Experience


A happy young woman uses her smartphone to communicate with her favorite brands.NorthText’s easy and affordable integrated email and SMS service empowers you to create more effective marketing campaigns and improve customer outreach initiatives. By reaching out to your audience through two separate channels, you give them a more convenient and enjoyable experience which improves your brand’s image.

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The NorthText API Integrated Email and SMS Marketing Platform


Using NorthText’s integrated email and SMS marketing platform through API integration, you can find creative ways to combine your email and text message campaigns including:

  • Sending an SMS to tease a new product release then sending an email later with pictures and details.
  • Adding SMS keywords to the CTA of your email marketing messages to drive more SMS campaign subscriptions.
  • Allowing customers to enter contests or raffles using both their email address and their mobile phone number to double their chances of winning.

Intuitive Integrations


Closeup of a hand with an illustration of API integration concepts.Streamline your marketing and communications workflows with our comprehensive library of API tools. You can even integrate NorthText’s powerful SMS functionality with your services to provide customized marketing solutions to your customers.

Support for NorthText’s Email and SMS Services


Although NorthText does not offer email marketing, our API integrates with other services. So do you need help getting your email and SMS marketing campaign off the ground? You can call NorthText’s live support team any time at (312) 869-9070. As a new NorthText customer, you’ll receive immediate white-glove setup assistance so you can take advantage of our SMS marketing tools and features right away.

Integrated Email/sms Services: Getting Started

To find out more about how NorthText can help you combine email and SMS services to boost your marketing strategies, contact us online or call or text us anytime at (312) 869-9070.

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

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