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Unlimited SMS Keyword Services & Platform

NorthText’s unlimited SMS keywords are one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your subscriber base and promote your business.

What Are SMS Keywords?


SMS keywords are simple words or phrases that your clients can text you to sign up for future messages.

For example, a customer can text the word “subscribe” to your local or toll-free phone number and automatically join your subscriber list. This is also known as text-to-join. 

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SMS Keyword Examples

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  • Discount - For SMS discount codes and sale alerts
  • News - For SMS newsletters or press releases
  • Donate/Pay - Use Text2Donate or Text2Pay
  • Feedback - Get instant feedback with SMS surveys

The only limit to the SMS keywords you can create with NorthText is your imagination. 

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Unlimited Keyword SMS Service


Every NorthText account comes with unlimited SMS keywords, so every organization big and small can take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

You can use our unlimited keyword SMS service to help build different subscriber lists and segment your audience; your customers will get the information that’s most relevant to their interests and you can target your messaging campaigns.

NorthText’s unlimited SMS keywords can help you increase your reach and stay engaged with your customers. Our simple, intuitive platform makes it easy to take your SMS keyword marketing campaigns to the next level.


What Is an SMS Keyword Autoresponder?

A business owner responds to SMS messages on her smartphone.With NorthText’s intuitive text message marketing and delivery platform, you can create customized SMS autoresponders that automatically reply to customers who send you an SMS keyword.

An SMS autoresponder not only confirms that the user has joined your text message campaign but also legally opts them in to receiving SMS communications from you.

SMS keyword autoresponders can also be used to respond to common customer service questions, confirm orders, make reservations, and more.


Unlimited SMS Keyword Services & Platform

NorthText provides the most comprehensive and innovative SMS marketing tools in the industry.

In addition to unlimited keywords, every NorthText account can create unlimited subscriber lists. This means you can automatically segment your text-to-join subscribers for more targeted SMS campaigns.

Text to Pay Services: Getting Started

Ready to take your SMS marketing campaigns to the next level with NorthText’s unlimited keyword SMS service? Call or text us anytime at (312) 869-9070 or contact us online.

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

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