A young shopper uses text to pay services to make a purchase on her phone.

Text to Pay Services & Solutions

An Innovative Way to Pay

Text to pay solutions make it easy to send and accept payments via SMS.

Text to Pay Solutions for Simpler Transactions

When it comes to inspiring customers to make payments, or donors to make donations, convenience plays a major role. The easier it is to make payments, the more open customers and donors will be to making them, and the more revenue your business will see as a result.

NorthText's innovative Text2Pay services offer a quick, easy, and secure transaction option that's incredibly user-friendly—both for you and for your customers.

NorthText SMS Marketing software

Securely Streamline Sales With SMS Payments

At first glance, text to pay services might almost sound too good to be true. A customer needs to only text a predetermined keyword to your business number, and voila—transaction complete. They don't even have to input their personal information after their first payment. But how safe is it? How secure is your and your customers' data?

With NorthText, it really is that simple. Our secure servers keep your data safe, and we will never share or otherwise use your information without your explicit permission. At the same time, all text conversations are archived and cannot be deleted by user accounts, meaning you'll always have access to a clear audit trail should you need one.

Text2Pay transactions are, for obvious reasons, safer than cash for customers and companies alike—especially when dealing with large sums. But that's not the only advantage. SMS payments even take up less bandwidth than transactions handled with typical hardware solutions like Square or Clover—making Text2Pay solutions both a faster and more reliable alternative.

Text to Pay Services: Getting Started

Our Text2Pay feature isn't just easy to use— it's also incredibly simple to set up. Once you're signed up with NorthText, you'll just need to create a business account through Stripe and link the two accounts. Your SMS payments will then be processed through that business account, and the proceeds will be sent to your bank account just like a normal credit card transaction.

The last thing you're probably wondering is: How long does it take to set up Text2Pay with NorthText? Good news— a few minutes, tops.

NorthText offers innovative Text2Pay services and solutions for businesses in every industry. If you're ready for simpler, smoother transactions, set up your account today by calling or texting us at (312) 869-9070, or contacting us online.

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

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