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Intuitive Text Survey Software


A smiling woman accesses text survey software from her smartphone and laptopGet instant feedback from your customers with NorthText’s intuitive text survey software. Text message surveys are a powerful tool for understanding your audience, improving customer service, and keeping your clients engaged with your brand.

What really makes NorthText stand out from the competition is that our survey software is entirely SMS based. With our platform, you can create multi-question SMS surveys that customers answer right from their native text messaging app, rather than linking to an external landing page. This significantly increases the chance that your customers will engage with your surveys and provide valuable feedback.  

Most SMS survey software restricts you to one-question polls, but we give you more—not just more questions but more keywords, more analytics, and more power over your communication.

NorthText SMS Marketing software


Cost-Effective SMS Survey Campaigns

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Our pricing plans are simple and transparent with no hidden fees or surprise upcharges. NorthText is the only SMS survey provider to offer fixed price messaging, so you can stay within budget while expanding your reach.

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Unlimited SMS Keywords


Take your text survey and marketing campaigns to the next level with unlimited SMS keywords.

SMS keywords make it fun and easy for your customers to engage with you over text. All they must do is text a predetermined keyword to your local or toll-free number to opt-in to your SMS communications.

With NorthText, you can create unlimited keywords for all of your text message campaigns. The only limit is your imagination.

Text Survey Service with Detailed Analytics


Businessman uses analytics to track the text survey serviceCollecting and analyzing the data from your text surveys couldn’t be easier. With NorthText, you’ll have access to powerful survey analytics and detailed pivot tools—and it’s all conveniently located within the same survey platform.

We also offer a comprehensive API library so you can seamlessly integrate our survey and messaging tools with your CMS.

No other text survey service gives you more control over your SMS communications than NorthText.


Text Message Marketing Made Easy

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Optimizing your SMS campaigns doesn’t need to be hard. NorthText provides live, U.S.-based support via phone and text for every account, including exceptional assistance to get your text message marketing strategy off the ground.

Our text message marketing experts are here to help when you need it.

Text Surveys: Getting Started

Are you ready to take advantage of NorthText's industry-leading text survey service? Contact us online or call or text us anytime at (312) 869-9070 to learn more about what our text survey software can do for your marketing campaigns.

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

Trusted by marketing professionals everywhere

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