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Hospital SMS Messages

Avoid no-shows, communicate with staff, and foster closer relationships with your patients using SMS services for healthcare.

SMS Alerts and Reminders for Healthcare

These days, many people ignore phone calls from unknown numbers because they already deal with so many telemarketers. This means your patients may be unintentionally ignoring your appointment reminder calls. You can avoid no-shows and other scheduling issues by sending your patients appointment reminders with NorthText’s innovative SMS alerts and reminders for healthcare.

Instead of spending hours on the phone making reminder and follow-up calls, your staff can simply schedule automatic reminders and alerts to go out exactly when you need them to. You can even use our API tools to integrate NorthText’s SMS functionality with your existing software and workflows.

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Why use SMS for Healthcare?

SMS (text) messaging is a fast, easy, and convenient way to communicate with your patients and staff. You can use SMS messaging and alerts to send appointment confirmations and reminders, communicate weather-related closings and schedule changes, and check in on your elderly and vulnerable patients.

Around 80% of people want to use their smartphones to interact with their healthcare providers. So, by using SMS for healthcare, you’re making your patients happy while streamlining your communication efforts.

Hospital SMS Messages With NorthText

Running a hospital requires a lot of quick communication. Emergencies occur all the time, and your key staff may be spread out across a large campus and unable to hear a PA announcement.

With the NorthText SMS service for hospitals, you can create unlimited contact lists for your staff, allowing you to send group texts and alerts to specific departments, positions, or locations as needed.

A woman receives a dental appointment reminder text while brushing her teeth

Dental Appointment Reminder Service

Cleanings and other routine dental appointments are often scheduled months in advance, which means the potential for no-shows is even higher than in other healthcare fields. With NorthText, you can schedule dental appointment reminders to go out at regular intervals—for example, a month before, then a week before, and finally a day before the appointment—to help avoid no-shows and save your practice time and money.

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