Companies connect with their customers via text with the help of a premier SMS marketing company and platform

About NorthText

An Innovator in SMS Delivery

As a premier SMS marketing company, we're dedicated to delivering the best products and services for our clients and their customers.


A Cutting-Edge SMS Marketing Company

NorthText was founded in 2007 as one of the first SMS marketing and notification companies in the United States. We believe in the power of connectivity, and we are constantly pushing for innovation in SMS delivery technology.

Our mission is simple. We provide an easy to use yet powerful text marketing platform and cutting-edge API tools to businesses large and small, allowing them to connect with customers and clients on a deeper, more personal level. Through SMS messaging, your business can reach more people more quickly without sacrificing a personal touch.

It's also a point of pride for us to always ensure we're providing top-quality customer service. Whether you have questions, comments, concerns, or want to get started with NorthText right away, you can call or text us anytime at (312) 869-9070 or contact us online.

NorthText SMS Marketing software

An Effective Text Marketing & Notifications Delivery Platform

When it comes to our platform, our priority is always the same: to empower you and your team to connect creatively and openly with your customers and clients.

Our platform is:


NorthText's messaging dashboard is easy to navigate thanks to its simple interface and intuitive design.


We combine all of the tools you need to create successful SMS campaigns in one comprehensive solution.

Integrates easily into other platforms

NorthText is platform-agnostic. Our API tools make it easy to integrate NorthText with a wide range of applications.

Affordably Priced

Our pricing plans are affordable and straightforward with no hidden fees or surcharges.