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SMS & MMS Influencer Outreach Platform

Expand Your Influence With SMS Marketing

Establish Closer Connections With Your Audience

You already know your followers want to hear from you, so why not reach out to them in a more direct and personal way?

SMS text messaging is fast and easy for both you and your audience. Plus, SMS has a higher click-through rate (CTR) than Facebook and Google Adwords combined, making it one of the most powerful influencer outreach tools in your arsenal.

NorthText SMS Marketing software
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Use the NorthText SMS & MMS Influencer Outreach Platform To:

  • Notify followers of new social media posts so they don’t get lost in the algorithm.
  • Share exclusive pics and videos with MMS (multimedia) text messages.
  • Alert subscribers to flash sales and giveaways before anyone else.
  • Send SMS polls and surveys to get feedback on new products or content.

The Outreach Tools You Need To Broaden Your Influence

NorthText gives you all the SMS marketing and outreach tools you need to strengthen your brand and broaden your reach.

Unlimited SMS Keywords

Your followers can easily subscribe to your campaigns by texting an SMS keyword to your phone number. Plus, keywords are easy to share on social media, your website, and even offline.

Text2Pay and Text2Donate

Make it easier for your audience to buy merch, subscribe to premium content, or donate to fundraisers with Text2Pay and Text2Donate.

Multimedia (MMS) Messages

Our proprietary software automatically optimizes your pictures and videos for text messages so you can share exclusive content with subscribers.

Affordable SMS Marketing for Influencers

Whether you’re an individual influencer running a small business or an enterprise managing a whole social media team, NorthText has an affordable pricing plan to fit your budget. We even offer custom quotes for fixed-price or volume messaging.

Our billing is simple and transparent with no unexpected fees or surprise upcharges. And if you ever have questions about your SMS marketing plan, you can call or text us anytime for live customer support from a real person.

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