Use NorthText’s powerful messaging to reach your audience. Alert them for promotions, special events, or just to make sure you are actively engaging them through your campaign.

  • Restaurants

    Use NorthText as a solution to communicate coupons and specials to your customers. Restaurant franchises are using mobile marketing to attract new customers and build loyalty with existing ones. See you’re going to have open tables tonight, text a special and fill them up!

  • Faith Groups

    One church has 4 bible studies, two mom’s groups, two youth groups, and other mission and community outreach projects, in addition to a member base of 2000+ congregants. Using unlimited groups, this church targets its communication only to those who need to receive it. When they have to reach all members, possibly alerting to special service times around a holiday, it is easy to do with one click! With NorthText it is easy to reach their target audience.

  • Concert Promoter

    A prominent promoter uses NorthText to alert his clients when the hottest acts are coming to town. Increased participation at events has helped him win more engagements with new venues.

  • Political Campaign

    Political campaigns know how important reaching their target market is. One savvy candidate set up a different group and keyword for each zip code in his district, and targeted his messages and campaign efforts around the responses he received from each.

  • Clothing Retailer

    Uses a variety of keywords to initiate branding campaigns for different target demographics. Client uses the NorthText dashboard to easily see how well each campaign is doing. Uses coupon links or codes to reach specifc groups, or broad promotions sent to all their loyal customers.

  • Staffing Company

    A prominent health care staffing company uses NorthText to segment its job openings by zip or area code, and creates a new group to track the interest in each position. A specific keyword is assigned to each geography, making it easier for new potential employees to hear about openings only in their geographic area of interest. When an interested staffer responds, the company can continue to communicate via the NorthText platform one on one with the staffer.