email marketing conversion rate

When we talk about your email marketing conversion rate, we are referring to the percentage of subscribers who have interacted with the call-to-action in the message. Depending upon what your conversion goal is—generating a lead, newsletter signups, or prompting a purchase—the conversion rate for your email marketing campaigns can vary. A few relevant statistics show us that:

  • The average click-through-rate (CTR) for newsletters is 17.8% with only 1 out of every 100 email newsletters sent generating a purchase.   
  • The conversion rate for order follow-up emails such as reward campaigns, review requests, and feedback campaigns stands at 5%. 
  • The CTR for shopping cart abandonment emails is interestingly higher at 28.7% with a conversion rate of 5%. 

If you are hoping to get more out of your email marketing campaigns to increase your ROI and help stretch your marketing budget a little further, you are not alone! We have curated a list of five tips to help you achieve this goal.     

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate 

An email campaign has some specific elements that we are all familiar with such as the subject line, overall design, subscriber lists, and engaging, valuable content to encourage your recipients to open, read, and interact with it. To improve your email marketing conversion rate, make sure you are focused on optimizing these five key aspects.

Concise, Engaging Subject Lines

The subject line of an email is the first, and sometimes the only thing that a reader sees in their inbox. Whether the subject line of an email appeals to and grabs the attention of a reader ultimately decides the open rate of the campaign. 

Is the subject line relevant to the reader and does it generate curiosity about the email content? Is it too long and unclear? These are a few things that you need to consider while creating captivating subject lines to reach your audience. 

To make great subject lines, be clear and focus on what is in it for the reader, and make sure that your subject isn’t truncated for exceeding the character limit of an email inbox. Additionally, using Emojis can be a fun way to set yourself apart and grab the attention of your readers.      

Segmentation of Email Lists 

The health and organization of your email list will influence your email conversion rates to a great extent. Segmenting and maintaining your subscriber list is a critical ongoing process as you gain new subscribers, lose old subscribers, and learn more about existing ones. The segmentation of your lists can be based on attributes such as demographics, behavior, interests, preferences, and more. 

With the right segmentation, you can create carefully customized emails for your audience and connect with them better, in the ways they prefer, which can yield higher conversion rates. Additionally, the more clever you can be with your segmentation the more you can avoid sending messages that certain segments of your audience do not want to receive, which can help minimize the opt-out rate. To get started, try sending out a poll to learn more about your subscribers and their preferences. 

Mobile Optimization

With 46% of all emails opened on mobile devices, you need to optimize your email campaigns for mobile platforms. Mobile-friendly email marketing messages ensure the proper display and formatting of text and images on smartphone email apps. Creating mobile-optimized campaigns also reduces the size of the images used in the body of the email, thereby speeding up load times and improving the overall experience. If you want to look professional, you need to optimize your messages for mobile users. 

Great Visuals

It is no secret that visuals often appeal to readers more than plain text. Visuals add nuance to your brand image and help the audience better identify with it. Emails are no different, and to grab the attention of your subscribers, you need eye-catching graphics, illustrations, photos, and other engaging visual elements. Look for examples of striking emails in your own inbox and try to learn from what other companies have created that you resonate with. 

An Effective Call-to-Action

Though it sounds obvious, the importance of an effective call-to-action (CTA) can not be emphasized enough. A call-to-action is the thing you want the reader to do in the context of the message so you can move them further down the sales funnel. Personalized CTAs that appeal to a reader’s interests, location, demographics, and other key characteristics have a whopping 202% higher conversion rate than basic CTAs that are not uniquely based on your readers. So, get to know your subscribers and start using that information to send them content that will love. 

Though these suggestions can help you improve your email marketing conversion rates, there will always be limitations to email marketing and a certain portion of your subscriber list will always fall through the cracks. As a marketer, you want to make sure you are reliably reaching the greatest amount of your subscribers as often as possible. 

So, how can you capitalize on the shortcomings of email marketing while increasing your overall marketing ROI?       

Complement Email Marketing with SMS Marketing

The shortcomings of email marketing do not necessarily call for completely revamping your marketing strategy. Email marketing is here to stay even with slower responses and lesser engagement rates, compared to text marketing. 

But, as a marketer, you can address the flaws of email marketing by complementing it with SMS marketing or text marketing—a more powerful and personalized channel to reach out to your audience. The statistics for SMS marketing speak for themselves:

  • 98% of all text messages get read in minutes, and on average 45% generate a response from subscribers. 
  • A typical person takes 90 seconds to reply to a text, compared to more than an hour for email.
  • The CTR for texts with special offers is higher than other well-regarded digital channels including Facebook and Google Adwords. 
  • More than 50% of subscribers make purchasing decisions based on coupons and QR codes received through texts. 

With SMS marketing, there is a higher chance for you to reach more of your audience, faster and more often. So how do you take advantage of what is shown in these clearly compelling statistics? You need is the right innovative SMS delivery platform that makes text marketing easy, fast, and successful. With a user-friendly platform offering features like auto-responders, an intuitive incoming message dashboard, increased character limits over other SMS marketing providers, and a full audit trail, you can reliably connect with your subscribers in the method that most recipients prefer—text messages. 

Receiving these benefits from an affordable and cost-effective SMS marketing platform can let you worry a little less about trying to squeeze every drop out of your email marketing conversion rates. Adding SMS marketing to your overall marketing strategy will improve your marketing ROI, and the right company can have you up and running in minutes. 

With NorthText, you can complement your marketing plan with affordable text messages and surveys and connect with your audience faster and more reliably than via email alone. For quick and easy answers to any questions you have, contact us by phone or text at (312) 869-9070