A man in a suit receiving text marketing messages on a smartphone

As a marketer, you might wonder if text marketing works for your brand and how effective it is at reaching your target audience. In recent years, businesses have tried to become more interactive with their customers and track their real-time responses, so text marketing has gained preference over email marketing for these purposes. Personalized messages are fast becoming a way to create brand awareness among audiences, and SMS marketing, or text marketing, is now considered a respected and proven way to complement a business communication strategy. 

Yet, there are some lingering doubts about text marketing campaigns. Does text marketing work or is it just another advertising fad? What if your customers find text marketing messages too intrusive and opt-out of your subscriber’s list? What is the ROI of text marketing campaigns and is it better than other forms of marketing? Let us look at some of the text marketing statistics and how they translate into an effective way to connect with your audience.

How Does Text Marketing Work Effectively?

The extent and reach of text messages can not be ignored in a marketing landscape with an expected 275.66 million smartphone users. Interestingly, it is not just the millennials who are checking their phones several times a day—the smartphone ownership rate among Americans aged 50 years and above has increased significantly over the past few years. Marketers can leverage text messages to tap into different demographics, increase traffic, and drive purchase decisions.

Texts Increase Engagement

Text messages have a higher read rate, with an average response time of 90 seconds. Around 95% of text messages are read, compared to only 15-20% of email marketing messages. Emails often end up in spam folders or are ignored by subscribers, contributing to the stark contrast we see in the statistic above. Though aggressive SMS campaigns are at risk of appearing invasive, your customers would rather unsubscribe from the opt-in list rather than just plainly ignore the message. Text marketing offers an improved engagement rate and helps you better connect with your audience.

Texts Increase Interactions

Nothing excites a marketer more than receiving real-time responses from the audience. SMS marketing makes it possible to understand your audience’s reaction to a particular marketing message, record their responses to the calls-to-action, and continue the conversation one-on-one. Nowadays, customers prefer receiving coupons, QR codes, and special offers through text messages to make purchasing decisions. Research shows that the click-through rate (CTR) of text messages is 9.18% as compared to an average of 4% for emails. This increased audience interaction through texts makes SMS marketing more effective than other marketing channels, including Facebook and Google Adwords.

Texts Increase Transactions 

Text marketing is not only for sending promotional messages to your subscribers. The text-to-pay feature allows customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience—receiving a coupon through text, redeeming it, and making a purchase without even leaving the conversation initiated by the merchant’s side. As a marketer, this means you can drive your prospects down the sales funnel and convert them into loyal customers. With retail e-commerce gaining more popularity among millennials, the effectiveness of text marketing and SMS payments are hard to ignore. 

Based on the robust statistics of text marketing, it definitely can not be considered an advertising fad. But to make text marketing work for your business, you need more than just numbers that prove its effectiveness. The right SMS delivery platform, with advanced features, can help you send messages to the audience through a secured channel while improving the overall performance of your text marketing campaign.  

Optimize Text Marketing With The Right SMS Delivery Platform

How does text marketing work for your business? The answer lies in an integrated SMS delivery platform that ensures you enjoy all the potential benefits of text marketing while following the SMS marketing best practices. Here are a few much-needed features of an SMS delivery platform that can increase the effectiveness of your text campaigns:

  • Auto-response: Real-time personalized responses make text marketing stand apart from other marketing channels. An SMS delivery platform with auto-responders facilitates one-on-one conversations with your customers.
  • Increased character count: Most marketers worry about not being able to convey their marketing messages within the restricted limit of 160 characters. With an advanced SMS delivery platform, you get the advantage of increased character limits, allowing you to provide all the relevant information in your text message. 
  • Unlimited keywords: Different demographics identify with your brand through specific keywords. An intuitive text marketing platform can help you create unlimited keywords that the audience can text to opt-in for your messages.
  • Audit trail: As a marketer, you need to be aware of any unsolicited, overpromising texts reaching your audience. This will save your business from the legalities of the CAN-SPAM Act. An SMS delivery platform can keep track of all the messages reaching your subscribers.   
  • Affordable pricing: At the end of the day, ROI is the key factor that backs your decision to choose text marketing over other marketing methods. With an SMS delivery platform that offers affordable pricing for bulk messages, you can optimize your marketing budget.  

With the features of a user-friendly SMS delivery platform, you can focus on delivering quality to your audience. The right delivery platform will help you implement text marketing best practices while increasing the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign.

Does text marketing work? With NorthText, it does. Create affordable text messages with unlimited keywords and an increased character limit to connect with your audience. For more information, contact us by phone or text at (312) 869-9070.