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Integrate Your Solution Through Our API with NorthText

Integrate through our APIWe have opened up a world of possibilities by allowing you to connect your existing systems, web site, etc directly to our text messaging services via our API.

Although an API may be technical by nature, we have created an extremely simple integration method for connecting to our API making development on your side that much more simpler. Or if an API is not right for you, learn more about our keyword actions that allows you to post directly back to your web site or database.
API Integration Allows you To:
  • Send directly from your software
  • Integrate into your web site
  • Create an App with Text Messaging
NorthText's API gives you the flexibility to connect your web site, software, mobile apps and more directly with our platform to do the following:
  • Send A Text Message - automatically post messages to our outgoing queue from your web site or software
  • Send Multiple Messages allowing you to send a message to multiple recipients at a time
  • Send To A Group - simply send a message to an entire group
  • Add Numbers directly to your NorthText account
  • Read your Inbox to allow you to display your inbox messages in your softwareCheck Keyword Availability to see if a keyword is available to be used (and in the future create the keyword automatically)
  • Integrate with a Short Code or other sending device to automatically deliver your messages and update our system
  • Unsubscribe Users automatically from your system

Learn more about our API by going to http://admin.northtext.com/api.asmx

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