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    Text Messaging

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    Increase your reach
    and engagement.

  • Communicate your message
    with a sense of urgency...

    90% of text messages
    are read within 3 minutes.


Simply load your groups through our platform and you're ready to go!


Unlimited groups, unlimited messages... simply pick a plan based on the number of people you want to communicate with!


90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes! This is the best way to build awareness and loyalty!

Reach Your Customers

Text messaging opens up a new channel in connecting with your customers allowing you to instantly push messages directly to their mobile phone and allowing them to quickly reply no matter where they are. With a plethora of options including:
  • personalized mass text messaging (similar to email newsletters),
  • marketing keywords for incoming messages,
  • creating a mobile support channel (in addition to phone, email and fax - now offer text),
  • and more,

NorthText is your premier solution for the next generation in B2C and B2B communication.

Text Groups

Separate your recipients into text groups for a more targeted message.

Unlimited Keywords

Setup opt-in and information based keywords, to engage your followers.

Scheduled Sending

Schedule your messages to send out in advance and we'll do the rest.

Unlimited Messages

Send as often as you'd like, we offer a fixed rate plan.

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